URAL: Rebirth of a Movement

November 10, 2006 § Leave a comment

Ural Anderson dismissed Henry Don’s latest conclusion.
He noted, “Scientists have managed to flip the earth’s magnetic field
In lab simulations that envision a cooling core.”

And, Ural continued, “Henry Don’s experiments use mathematical models based on controlled nuclear reaction data.”

“FURTHERMORE, FLIP THE SHIP!” Ural quipped and slapped his knees,
“Reactions fluctuate as do prevailing views.”

“The Earth is worried,” Henry Don said. “And on Friday this paramount concentration will increase; don’t know what are the causes; don’t know how long it will take, but the core it may release if the Earth and its field are weakened. Iron. Nickel. Crystal it starts; in this day we say Terranauts! Neuronauts! Terranautical jibber-jabber changing these directions!”

“These fields we travel are _______ – but there’s no reason to inflict caveats on these topics. The uranium in the core could fry it up, or worse…”

(This is somewhat closer to the Upper Crust.)

In reality no one knows nothin’; many of my colleagues are ridiculous Jules Verne wannabes. Icelandic volcano; nuclear Earth; most scientists agree that the Earth thinks it is smaller than it really is… if the magnetic field is threatened this may bottom it out, etc.

“Years ago an amalgam of uranium inland, and a bunch of dinosaurs,” he argued. Disagreement begins over the mix of helium isotopes and what drives Science Fiction. What happened next is: a small amount of oxygen in the Earth’s magnetic field. All the trace elements drew near in highly controlled nuclear migrations. Billions of smaller elements collapsed in diameter, and remained as monuments. The consequences were created and expelled, creating again…

Nevertheless, I’m big on re-action.



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