I Who the Women Caught

November 10, 2006 § Leave a comment

I am (in) the Western Fertile Crescent
With a memory of Me talking in the moonlight;
I had come from a world of –

Love letters;
Important Feminine Creatures, Man.
The still purr and ache climaxes in the dirty white cracks,

And I can’t wait to track all my body down:
We were together; we started our day;
We closed it, pleased by the fact that we’d read a book that long.

See me looking intently at the words on her ankles / Mystical,
And I am the first Man at the counter.
Oh how nice it is how nice it is ~ “You look and feel tender.”

In my mind’s eye a picture of a woman and her stomach working on a dream. She spoke, bringing nourishment. After a couple of gulps I felt unstoppable…
Her little red jewel…
Her little red doorway to the Moon…

A Los Angeles magazine said, “Dazzling Wordsmith Words Worth Hit.”
Each tune is manhood, street scratched, French, and written on loooong eyelashes…

Thoroughly adventurous and may help to find The Bridge, Her feet matching mine, backward and forward riddles, every blooming Muse booming radio tower. Soon. Soon. Sense Her.

Following the flood the flow of a wave, sweet stranger – I know Her again and again; fragrant perfect mind. At once the aphrodisiac finds the yen inner echo, a face and breath of words, curves, tobacco feasts.

Just the thought of Her (that’s right; there is)-
So there well…
So there now we have it…
So there is potential…

(Add to that a powerful strain of winners.)



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