Lavish Packaging, Pavlov

November 7, 2006 § Leave a comment

Consumers in the United States, London,
Yeah, yeah hip-hop generation;
Quickly catch the ear.

You have been very good to Pippy and her stalkings
Who want your baby to know what Cristal tastes like.
Regurgitated music drives merchandise.

Sales are shored up when loaned ice or sports car luxuries
Turn up on rappers in slick videos pushing economic tyranny
And cognac served neat or rocky with stick.

Studies show that hip-hop culture generates massive bling-bling for the bottom line; fastest selling sneakers and high-end brandy, sparkling wines peddled by the rise of the NBA.

Complex flavors favored by the most mediocre entertainers!
High-end gin and Courvoisier!
Who better than hip-hop, Reebock?

A marketing mixer for the home-run heroes,
But America was finally listening…



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